Restorative Dentistry

Missing teeth can create a number of hazards from your smile. Without a full set of teeth, you may have problems eating and speaking properly and can be at risk for future dental problems. Fortunately, Dr. Jeffrey Turner can provide you with solutions. You can read more about our options for restorative dentistry in South Bend, Indiana, below. You can call University Park Family Dentistry at 574-272-4441 for an appointment with our dentist and team to decide which treatment is right for your smile.

Restorative dentistry is dental care of which the main objective is to restore the health and function of your teeth. Restorative treatments are usually used when patients have sustained damage to their teeth caused by dental decay or trauma, and they are also used to replace missing teeth. Some of the most common dental restoration treatments include:

  • Dental bridges
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental fillings
  • Dental implants
  • Dentures

In addition to restoring the function and utility of damaged or missing teeth, restorative treatments also serve as cosmetic enhancements, specifically for treatments that replace natural teeth in their entirety.

Our dentist and team collaborate with each patient to find the correct restorative treatment to repair their smiles. Treatments may combine one or more procedures, depending on the individual patient’s needs. Restorative dentistry is an excellent way to help ensure your teeth remain healthy and your smile bright and beautiful. Most restorative treatments can be completed in only one dental visit, but some are more extensive and require more appointments to complete.

We invite you to learn more about our options for restorative dentistry by calling or visiting our dental office and scheduling an appointment to meet with our dentist. Let us help you regain your lovely smile today!