Oral Biopsy

If you have a dental disease, our dentist can provide an oral biopsy to diagnose the exact type of condition. This simple procedure helps us determine which type of treatment will be most beneficial in restoring your oral health. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Turner and learn more about oral biopsies in South Bend, Indiana, call University Park Family Dentistry at 574-272-4441.

Our dentist may recommend an oral biopsy to diagnose periodontal disease, oral cancer or other pathogenic dental conditions. Biopsies are medical procedures in which a small sample of gum or other tissue is removed from your mouth and sent to a lab for analysis. The sample will be used to diagnose:

  • Ulcers, sores or lesions on your gums
  • White or red patches on your gums
  • Persistent or chronic swelling of the gums
  • Changes in your gums that may be causing loose teeth or dentures

Biopsies are frequently used in combination with imaging technology, such as X-rays, CT scans and MRI scans.

During your biopsy procedure, our dentist will sterilize the area from which the sample is taken and administer a local anesthetic to minimize any discomfort. If the sample site is difficult to reach, we may provide a general anesthetic that will allow you to sleep through the procedure rather than endure discomfort while our doctor maneuvers in your mouth to reach the area.

Your mouth may be numb for several hours following your procedure. When the anesthetic wears off, you may return to your regular activities and to a normal diet. The site of the biopsy may be sore for a few days. We recommend that you avoid brushing in that area until the soreness fades. If your gums bleed, swell or remain sore for more than a few days, contact our office.

The sample taken from your mouth will be sent to a lab for analysis. If a dental disease or other condition is diagnosed, we will create a treatment plan to restore your oral health.

For more information about dental biopsies and to schedule your appointment, please contact our office today.