Dental Bonding

Dr. Jeffrey Turner uses dental bonding in South Bend, Indiana, to improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. It you have gaps or lines in your teeth, this treatment may be a great solution for your smile. Call University Park Family Dentistry at 574-272-4441 to learn more and schedule an appointment with our skilled dentist.

Dental bonding is used to sculpt the shape of your teeth. A special composite resin is first applied to the structure of a tooth by our dentist. This flexible material is tooth colored to match your natural teeth or selected in a brighter shade if you want a whitened look. Once adhered to the tooth, our dentist and team shape and mold the resin to correct flaws or imperfections. After the resin hardens and bonds to the tooth, we will trim and polish its surface to give it the most pleasing shape and appearance.

Many patients who opt to have dental bonding are able to correct:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Uneven lines
  • Sharp edges

This easy cosmetic treatment typically takes one dental appointment to complete and usually requires no preparation beforehand, which helps make your visit quick and convenient. As a conventional cosmetic option, dental bonding is an excellent way to a bright and beautiful new smile.

We invite you to learn more about this service and discover if dental bonding is right for you and your smile. Contact our dental office today to schedule a visit with our dentist and let us help you gain the smile you have always wanted.